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To Help, Heal and Honour Seniors and Their Families!

Student Volunteers
Training for Senior Volunteers
Volunteers Doing House Cleaning for Seniors
Celebrating National Day – Volunteers and Seniors
Celebrating Together –
Volunteers and Seniors
Christmas Celebration –
Volunteers and Seniors

Volunteer Opportunities

Social Media (Skills Based Volunteers; Ad-Hoc; Website, TikTok, LinkedIn)

Corporate Video (Skills Based Volunteers; Ad-Hoc)

Befriending Seniors

Games and Exercises for Seniors (Centre Volunteers)

House-Cleaning (Ad-Hoc Volunteers)

Trainers and Facilitators for Workshops (Mental Health, Healthy Living, Healthy Eating)

Exercise Trainer

Photographer & Videographer (Ad-Hoc)

Assist in Distributing Flyers / Knocking on Doors (Ad-Hoc)

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